Christine Blasey Ford makes TIME top 100 most influential

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Disgraced #metoo doctor from the Judge Judge Kavanaugh hearing, Christine Blasey Ford, has made Time magazine’s ‘100 most influential people.’ TIME announced Wednesday.

The same woman who tried to destroy the lives of the Kavanaugh family and was a proven liar. I guess she is influencing women to make false accusations everywhere

Her story, spoken while holding back tears, shook Washington and the country. Her courage, in the face of those who wished to silence her, galvanized Americans. And her unfathomable sacrifice, out of a sense of civic duty, shined a spotlight on the way we treat survivors of sexual violence,”

At her core, she is a teacher,” the 2020 presidential candidate wrote. “And through her courage, she forced the country to reckon with an issue that has too often been ignored and kept in the dark.”

Kamala Harris ON Ford IN time

It has not yet been released where she will rank. The liberal media has gone completely insane.

Other political figures on Times top 100 are Judge Kavanaugh, Speaker Nancy Pelosi, and President Donald Trump

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