Local Militia Backing Trump detains 200 illegals on New Mexico Border

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New Mexico: Just last year, Governor Susana Martinez(R) expressed her appreciation for the Trump Administration’s dedication to increasing border security, offering full support of the New Mexico National Guard to aid in the efforts. She recognized there was a national emergency, and for the safety of its citizens, would help protect the border as best she could.

Fast forward to today. One of the first things Michelle Lujan Grisham, the new governor of New Mexico did, was remove National Guard support from border security. Locals, in a dire state of emergency, then formed the group “United Constitutional Patriots.” They are a militia group helping to protect the border, since local government refuses.

The militia group, which calls itself the United Constitutional Patriots, said it is determined to monitor the border until President Trump fulfills his campaign promise of a border wall or until Congress enacts stronger legislation to make it more difficult for migrants to request asylum, Jim Benvie, a spokesman, told The New York Times in a phone interview.


Just today, they detained 200 illegal immigrants at the border. The governor had some choice words for the group.

“It should go without saying that regular citizens have no authority to arrest or detain anyone,” the governor of New Mexico, Michelle Lujan Grisham, said in a statement to The New York Times, adding that it is “completely unacceptable” that migrants be “menaced or threatened” upon entering the U.S.


Instead of chiding and condemning the group, a righteous leader would ask themselves why such a group exists in the first place. Listen to your people. This shouldn’t be about sides. It should be about protecting your citizens. 1 Million illegals are expected to arrive here this year. We do not have the resources to take these people in, nor do we have the resources to vet them all properly. There’s just not enough time, space, or manpower to deal with the numbers.

Until we can finish the wall, and focus on reforming Immigration law, local governments need to step up to the plate and help defend our America. It’s about time you all put America First. We’re tired of being the red-headed step children. This is our HOME. We have a welcome mat, but some people aren’t wiping their boots on it, they’re just coming right in the house with their muddy shoes.


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