Mitt Romney is a jealous loser

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Ever since Mitt Romney was elected Senator last year he has been a thorn in President Trump’s side.

When Mitt ran for Senate in Utah he got President Trump’s endorsement, and it looked like a fresh start. Mitt had already kissed Trump’s butt trying to secure the secretary of state position that was filled by REX Tillerson. Trump went out of his way for Mitt, endorsing him in 2018.

Mitt Romney lost to the worst president ever: Barack Obama back in 2012.. Trump in his first run defeated Hillary Clinton and rose up against Obama’s failed policies.

Something Mitt could not do no matter how hard he tried.

First he orchestrated the GOP (dirty dozen) to vote against the national emergency in a spineless move that showed Mitt hates Trump more than he cares about America’s safety.

Now just 2 months later, after Attorney General Barr’s letter, Mitt has once again opened his mouth.. saying he is sickened and “disgusted” by the President’s dishonesty.

Sarah Sanders’ father, Mike Huckabee, 2012 opponent of Mitt has clapped back at Mitt.

Could it be any more obvious that Mitt is a jealous loser? He needs to change his party affiliation to Democrat because at this point that clearly is what he is.

Pathetic! He is jealous, and blinded by his hate for Trump so much he won’t put his country first.

What a disaster.

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