RINO Jeff Flake says he would support a Democrat in 2020

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RINO Jeff Flake was on CBS this morning. He admitted he would support a Democrat in 2020. Flake had an 18% approval rating in his own state when he left office last year.

When he was asked if he was going to support President Trump in 2020, Flake said he would not.

“No, I’m not. I didn’t support him last time and I won’t support him this time”

Flake also told CBS hosts that he was “on record for saying that I would support a Democrat.  I hope the Democrats nominate somebody with broad appeal.”

Flake continued to name names of Democrats he is hopeful will win..

Joe Biden comes to mind. He strikes fear in the heart of a lot of Republicans because he can speak to the rust belt, for example, and he was in the Senate for more than 30 years. He knows how to work with Congress on a bipartisan basis.”

“Somebody like Amy Klobuchar, for example, who works very well across the aisle, and those type of people who can have a broader appeal, not just excite the base on the left, but also get crossover votes. I think that is what’s important.”

“Cory [Booker] works well with the other side on a number of issues, I’ll be talking to him about criminal justice reform coming up” Flake added

Sounds like Flake is finally admitting he is a Democrat. I am sure Trump is worried about not getting his endorsement.

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