Best Diet Ever: Skip the Spoon! Ben & Jerry’s SJW tactics are Rotten.

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So long Ben & Jerry’s. Been good knowing you. Never really cared for your chocolate side of the ice cream anyway, it doesn’t taste right. Too chalky and not chocolatey enough..kinda tastes like dirt. I digress…

In a recent statement, Ben & Jerry’s attacked white people on 4/20, saying the majority of people profiting off legalized marijuana are white, and regurgitating claims from the ACLU that a disproportionate amount of black people are arrested for possession over whites.

You are a damn ice cream company. Sell me ice cream and make me fat, I don’t care. But I’m so sick of companies trying to mold public opinions and putting their two cents in on SJW topics.

Thanks B&J..totally lost my appetite. Best. Diet. EVER.


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