Islam: You know it’s bad when you have to seek refuge from the refugees

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AL-HOL, Syria- In a refugee camp now home to women and children who came out of the last piece of ISIS-held territory in Baghouz, there’s another threat brewing. Women supporting ISIS are rising up and taking control. They spit, wield knives, burn down tents, and stone other women who they consider “impious.”

Intelligence officials say Islamic State loyalists also have formed cells inside the camp to mete out punishment in a more systematic way.

-Washington Post

The ISIS group of women complain that the women are wearing “whatever they want,” and for not praying.

“We hope that the [Islamic] state will come back,” said Um Aisha, 22, an Iraqi resident of the camp. “We had sharia law there. Here, there is only corruption.”

-Washington Post

Covered from head to toe in black, she said she often admonishes other camp residents for failing to dress conservatively or for neglecting their prayers.

-Washington Post

In the Islamic State, “they told us what was right and what was wrong. It was better,” she said. “Here, people wear whatever they want.”

In December the population of the camp was 9,000. It has ballooned to over 73,000.

This wouldn’t be the first time ISIS supporting women take the reigns in policing their neighborhoods. Remember Shamima Begum?

“Convert, convert!” a group of women and girls shout at me, urging me to recite the shahada, the Muslim profession of faith: “There is no god but God, and Muhammad is his messenger.”
“If you became Muslim and cover like us and became a member of our religion, you would not be killed” in the ISIS caliphate, one woman tells me.

Now there’s some honesty. “If you convert, we will not kill you when the Muslims are the majority again.” (To paraphrase slightly). Yes, that is what she said and that is what she meant.

The Religion of Peace….


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