Suicide Bombers Coordinate Attacks at Churches & Hotels Throughout Sri Lanka: More than 200 dead

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This Easter Sunday, Sri Lanka was rocked by several coordinated attacks, perpetrated by suicide bombers on churches and hotels. More than 200 people are reported dead, and over 579 have been injured.

The entire country is on lockdown.

Six initial blasts were reported, all targeting Christian churches holding Easter services. While no one has come forward yet to claim responsibility for the attacks, Sri Lanka’s defence minister, Ruwan Wijewardene, has stated eight of the attackers have been identified. They were religious extremists.

Notre Dame Cathedral attacked a few days ago, and now a series of attacks in Sri Lanka. Just yesterday, a man was stopped from bringing canisters of gasoline into a church in New York.

Not to be a Negative Nancy on today of all days, but it is all to clear who the perpetrators are. Why is everyone so afraid to say it?

It was Muslims.

There I said it. If I’m wrong, I’m wrong, but I’m going with the odds on this one.

I pray for the families and the victims.

Update: well wouldn’t you know…


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