Trump meets with Twitter’s Jack Dorsey behind closed doors

Ben Garrison

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Conservative censorship was a topic discussed at the closed-door meeting between Jack Dorsey and President Trump today.

We’ve discussed the censorship issues in length here, at Magamedia. Devin Nunes has filed a law suit against Twitter for its censorship practices. Project Veritas has shown you video of Twitter engineers speaking frankly about how they “hide” conservative accounts from view.

Throttling, shadowbanning, time outs, suspensions. Retweets disappearing, likes disappearing…we’ve seen the manipulation and distortion, even Trump’s tweets aren’t safe.

Most recently, Unplanned Movie’s official account was suspended by Twitter on opening day. Wayne Dupree has been throttled so much that his retweet count and impressions are NOTICEABLY hindered.

In a statement, a Twitter spokesperson said, “Jack had a constructive meeting with the President of the United States today at the president’s invitation. They discussed Twitter’s commitment to protecting the health of the public conversation ahead of the 2020 U.S. elections and efforts underway to respond to the opioid crisis.”

Among others in the room, Trump was accompanied by Dan Scavino, the White House director of social media and a longtime Trump aide who frequently posts for him on Twitter. Dorsey was accompanied by Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s head of legal, policy, and trust & safety.

One can only hope some warnings were given to Dorsey about the impending lawsuit, the censorship on Twitter each and every Conservative faces, and the consequences the company will have if it’s allowed to continue.


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