Kamala Harris says that drug dealers are ahead of the curve and they should be the first to get new weed jobs

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Kamala Harris is pushing for drug dealers to be given jobs in the growing marijuana industry, citing they have been ahead of the curve in the field and should be first in line for the new booming business.

Invariably a lot of the people who historically who were arrested for marijuana sales were young men, young men of color. And so isn’t that the irony of it all?” Harris said Wednesday at the “She the People” forum in Houston, Texas.

“That now this is one of the fastest growing money-making industries in our country and the very young men who were trying to make money doing the same thing, but got criminalized and have now been branded felons for life are excluded from the economic opportunities that are now available because of this new industry.”

There have to be policies in place and look at the background and actually do the work of saying some of those young men should be first in line to get the jobs that are available,” she continued.

“And that their felony convictions should not be the barrier to them having employment in an industry they were a part of before it was an industry.””They were ahead of the curve,” she added.

This goes hand in hand with the Democrats trying to allow criminals to vote and so they can further appeal to them.

Has the left lost so much moxy criminals are their best option on ever winning an election again?

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