Over 12,000 victims: 7,819 alleged Pedophiles Exposed as Boy Scouts come Forward

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More than 200 former Boy Scouts have come forward with allegations of sexual abuse. A trio of law firms is currently working on the case to expose the accused.

The total number of Boy Scouts alleging sexual abuse was updated Tuesday by a lawyer involved in some of the cases.

Attorney Jeff Anderson said the Boy Scouts of America had reason to believe more than 12,000 children were abused, and that the organization was keeping those numbers hidden.
This story is JUST about New York, folks….scary

These allegations are for the state of New York only….they are waiting to go ahead with the case until New York’s Child Victims Act goes into full effect. This will open up the statute of limitations for victims, allowing them an entire year to file charges of abuse, no matter how long ago it occurred.

“Nobody would have listened to me,” said James Kretschmer, 56, who says a leader groped him at a Boy Scouts camp when he was in middle school. “The problem is, then you think, ‘Is it something I did? What was I doing, was it my fault? If I hadn’t done whatever, he wouldn’t have done that.’ It took me years and years to realize it wasn’t that little child’s fault. It was the adult who had control.”

-USA Today

In a statement, Boy Scouts of America asked anyone who has been harmed to call the Scouts First Helpline (1-844-726-8871) or email


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