Somewhere along the way in our nation, the Democrats forgot the important distinction between “legal” and “illegal” immigrants. A sovereign nation has a right to control its borders and to know how many citizens and non-citizens reside within those borders. The previous administration was a proponent of EU style open borders, and we can all see just how well that’s working out for Europe. California has wholeheartedly embraced this concept and now the once pristine city of San Francisco is filled with homeless tent cities and filth. Finding feces on the streets of San Francisco is so prevalent that a popular app shows locations on a map of the city:

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The immigrants in San Francisco risked their lives to try to attain the American Dream. Unfortunately, coming to the US illegally means that you begin your life here as a criminal. Coming in through the front door LEGALLY will help you attain the American Dream; sneaking across the border typically only ensures that you will be forced to live in the shadows and face a life of servitude if you’re lucky enough to find someone who will risk hiring an undocumented person.

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We are a nation of immigrants. Even the Native Americans migrated here from Asia thousands of years ago. Most of our ancestors came later through Ellis Island or another valid port of entry to the US. Prior to being allowed to enter the country to work toward becoming US citizens, our ancestors were vetted thoroughly. They were required to be literate, know or learn English, have skills that would contribute to society. This was to ensure that they would be successful and contributing members of society and not drain our collective resources. As much as we like helping others, we do not have the resources to help the entire world. Our own citizens, especially our vets MUST come first!

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Does anyone know exactly how many illegal aliens/immigrants currently reside in the US? Bueller? No one knows. Without counting the entire population and asking the citizenship question of everyone, how will we ever know? The whole purpose of a census is to document the number of citizens, non-citizens and their demographics. Eric Holder seems a bit confused regarding the purpose of a census and accused President Trump of trying to “weaponize” it in a recent Washington Post editorial.

Logically, non-citizens should not affect the number of Electoral College votes each state has, because as non-citizens they are not allowed to vote. Also, non-citizens do not enjoy the same constitutional rights as citizens, so the argument that illegal immigrants have constitutional rights is flawed, at best.

President Trump has proposed that the citizenship question once again be included in the 2020 census. Between that and building the wall along the southern border, we can address the crisis facing us. Whether those here illegally be given a path to citizenship or are deported will be discussed. Although, in my opinion any path to citizenship for someone who has entered the country illegally should not include the right to vote for at least 10-15 years, if ever. My suggestion for a new slogan for President Trump is: “Build the Wall & Count Us ALL!” I think it’s one we can all support!


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