Creepy Joe Biden officially joins the 2020 Presidential race.. will he be #METOO’D OUT?

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For months it has been speculated as to whether or not the 76 year old former VP would run for President. Just a few weeks ago, seven women came forward with accusations of inappropriate groping from Biden, opening him up to even more scrutiny.

Biden announces run for 2020.. trys saying Trump is a racist

Biden weighed his options and apparently thinks it is worth the risk. Many believe other Democrat candidates were behind the leaked footage of Biden groping women all over the fake news media. Biden’s polling numbers at the time were over 10 points higher than his closest competitor, Bernie Sanders.

Since the allegations, Biden and Sanders are running neck and neck in the polls.

The question we all want to know the answer to is how in this overly sensitive climate will Creepy Uncle Joe Biden survive the #metoo era with hundreds of clips existing of him groping women both young and old .

Joe Biden has always wanted to be President. Trump’s nickname for Biden 1% Joe is based off Biden only receiving 1% of the vote on his previous attempts.

This will be his fourth attempt and he is facing the wrecking ball known as Donald Trump who will not ignore or pass up the opportunity to question his character.

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