Air Force One is Twice as Fast as any Plane You’ve Been on

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President Donald Trump has to be ready to get anywhere in the world quickly. The government has two versions so if they need to work on one, the President will still have a plane.

The new Air Force One set to debut in 2024, and will cost 3.9 billion dollars after Trump’s deal with Boeing. It will have a new design and be red, white, and blue.

Have you ever wondered how fast President Trump can travel? Much faster than we can.. Well besides flying in luxury it is incredibly fast.

The 2 planes can fly at speeds that top out at about 600 mph almost the speed of sound. “During flight, Air Force One can reach a maximum altitude of 45,100 feet,” the publication explains. For comparison, the commercial flights that the rest of us take usually fly at an altitude of only about 20-30,000 feet. As Australia’s ABC News reports, F-16 fighter planes escorting Air Force One had had to ask the pilot to slow down, so they could keep up.

A first hand story of its speed

Plane enthusiasts got a glimpse of Air Force One as Donald Trump and wife Melania arrived for their UK visit on Thursday – but it wasn’t just the aircraft itself that caught their attention.

A flight from Brussels to London Stansted takes approximately 1hr 15 minutes on normal commercial aircraft.

Air Force One was spotted by eagle-eyed planespotters departing Brussels’ Zaventem airport at 2.18pm local time – that’s 1.18pm UK time.

One fan shared a video on Twitter of the plane taking off, with the time stamp visible as Air Force One took to the skies.

And by 1.50pm, the plane had touched down on London Stansted’s runway, making for a journey time of just 32 minutes – less than half the time it usually takes.

In comparison a normal 3 hour flight from Chicago to Las Vegas takes Air Force One about an hour and 20 minutes.

President Trump always travels in style and it is truly incredible how fast the airplane is.

Other interesting Air Force One facts


As the President can be required or called upon to attend a meeting anywhere in the world, Air Force One is understandably equipped with additional fuel reserves to limit the amount of time it has to refuel. In the event the plane does actually need more fuel, it is fully capable of doing so in mid-air. This means the jet has an estimated range somewhere north of infinity miles.


Like any plane, Air Force One has flight attendants and other staff who perform basic custodial duties aboard the plane, like telling you where the emergency exit is and handing out little bags of peanuts. Unlike a regular plane, these staff members are all highly trained military personnel with spotless records, who are carefully screened and subsequently trained to handle nearly any conceivable emergency. As a result, every member of the crew aboard Air Force One is well versed in emergency survival techniques, weapons handling, and generally messing up your day.


The President is an important dude, and spends much of his time being flanked, shadowed and watched over by an elite team of bodyguards versed in 80 plus ways to obliterate a human testicle at 80 yards, with their eyebrows. Specifically, whenever the Commander-in-Chief is about to board Air Force One, though, he is also being protected by a special team of sharpshooters armed with 50 caliber sniper rifles. Why 50 caliber? So that in case someone tries to hijack the plane, they can shoot through the normally bulletproof windows and decorate the cockpit with the part of their brain that thought hijacking Air Force One was a good idea.


Like the staff, Air Force One is prepared for virtually any possible emergency scenario and is equipped to deal with nearly any potential threat, from a rogue jet firing sidewinder missiles at it, to a nuclear explosion. Along with being immune to the effects of an EMP blast, such as one produced by an exploding nuclear warhead, Air Force One is shielded against conventional damage in the form of bulletproof plating and flares to deter heat seeking missiles.

In the event these systems all fail, Air Force One is built sturdy enough to weather an undisclosed number of direct missile hits and could probably smash into the ground at Mach 3 and still not kill anyone aboard. Not that you’d ever get anywhere near the plane, given that it can fly in the upper stratosphere and secretly call on supersonic jets to aid it over any allied country. Even if you managed to do enough damage to hurt the President, he’d probably be fine.



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