Eyes Wide Open At The Border

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And just like that while, border control agents watched illegal aliens crossed our southern border. Yet, Democrats and the liberal mainstream media say it isn’t so. Who are we to believe? Trust your eyes and the video.

We must protect our border if we are to have a country.

Former President Obama said the illegal aliens weren’t a threat. He was wrong. They are a threat to our economic system and a burden on our government. Many are bringing with them diseases and crimes. Yes, some want a better way of life, but they must come the right way and stand in line.

Obama got it wrong. They are here.

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson recognizes our border walls are being breached. Yet Obama says it isn’t so.

Former Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson

Acting Secretary of Homeland Secretary Kevin McAleenan says the threat isn’t manufactured. It’s real. We must close our borders and build a wall.

Kevin McAleenan

Illegal aliens are gaming our system and someone from within our very own walls is helping them. Illegals arrive at our borders wanting to be caught and processed. They then walk away into the crowd never to be heard from again, that is, until they commit a crime. President Trump was right to suggest we dump the illegal aliens in sanctuary cities.

They know our laws will set them free to roam?

These aliens are being schooled by US attorneys on how to game the system. They come here with families and stay. They are living off our tax dollars. Meanwhile, our veterans and our own poor are made to suffer. This simply isn’t right.

Enemies within our walls are helping illegals break the law.

President Trump calls out the scam

Too close for comfort for liberals.

Faced with the possibility of illegals coming to their neighborhoods suddenly liberals are acknowledge the problem.

New York Times writer Thomas Friedman makes an about face.

The hour of reckoning is upon us. We can choose to ignore it and allow our country to be impregnated by foreign invaders. Or we can stand up and support the law and this president and demand our elected officials act now and created laws to protect our future.


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