Tales From The Road 04/28/19

tales from the road

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I want to give my condolences to the Jewish Community of Poway and To the Kaye Family🙏🙏
From what I’ve seen on Social Media after this terrorist attack by a far right Wing sociopath, I can see the Left’s goal is to take advantage of any tragedy and blame it on President Trump.

The left needs to take a serious look in the mirror. I hope they realize that part of the blame, or most of it I would say, rests at their feet. Just look at the Cartoon NY times published last week. Look at how the Jewish College Community is treated. And let’s not forget the Anti Semitism of Rep. Omar, Tlaib and AOC.

Also let’s thank God that a member of the Synagogue with a Concealed Weapon Permit took action and helped chase this terrorist away. Good guy with a gun saved the day again.
Rabbi Goldstein talks about his call from President Trump.
Good Guy With A Gun Chased The Terrorist out of the Synagogue.
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