Judge Andrew Napolitano: The Lies Continue

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President Trump is continually being smeared, lied about, labeled in the worst way, and having false stories printed and talked about in the Mainstream Media. No matter how many retractions, or stories that have been proven false, the smears continue.

The latest is former Judge Andrew Napolitano’s statements about the President. Last week, Napolitano penned a Washington Times piece entitled, “Did the President obstruct justice?”

Here are the false and misleading statements in this FAKE NEWS:

  1. “When former FBI Director James Comey informed Mr. Mueller that he believed Mr. Trump fired him because he had declined Mr. Trump’s order to shut down the investigation of Mr. Trump’s campaign…”

false. This never happened.

2.“Flynn was charged and pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about whether he discussed sanctions in a telephone call with then-Russian Ambassador to the United States Sergey Kislyak, before Mr. Trump became president. Such a communication could have been unlawful if it interfered with American foreign policy.”

Misleading. Flynn was entrapped under false pretenses during a tour of the White House. It was President- Elect Trump at the time and thus the phone calls were General Flynn’s JOB. And finally, it DID NOT interfere with American Foreign Policy and thus was NOT illegal.

3. “On obstruction, the report concluded that notwithstanding numerous obstructive events engaged in by the president personally, the special counsel would not charge the president and would leave the resolution of obstruction of justice to Congress.”

Misleading. Obstruction of Justice requires a crime. The President wanted the investigation of collusion stopped, and had numerous arguments against the Mueller investigation BECAUSE THERE WAS NO COLLUSION AND NO CRIME TO INVESTIGATE. This cannot be termed obstruction because there was nothing to obstruct.

4. “Mr. Trump initially claimed that he had been completely exonerated by Mr. Mueller — even though the word “exoneration” and the concept of DOJ exoneration are alien to our legal system. Then, after he learned of the dozen or so documented events of obstruction described in the report, Mr. Trump used a barnyard epithet to describe it.

  • Misleading. A special counsel does not find a conclusion, it presents evidence, and thus a “guilty” or “not guilty”/”exoneration” is impossible from the report. When no evidence of any crime or even collusion was found, the common American would say that it proves the President “NOT GUILTY”, even though legally a special counsel cannot do that. The President is made to appear as a liar when in fact he was merely stating the obvious truth. Yes, the rest was “HorseS***”

5.“Mr. Mueller laid out at least a half-dozen crimes of obstruction committed by Mr. Trump — from asking K.T. McFarland to write an untruthful letter about the reason for Flynn’s chat with Mr. Kislyak, to asking Corey Lewandowski and then Don McGahn to fire Mr. Mueller and Mr. McGahn to lie about it, to firing Mr. Comey to impede the FBI’s investigations, to dangling a pardon in front of Michael Cohen to stay silent, to ordering his aides to hide and delete records.

  • False with a smattering of unverifiable Hearsay. No one knows if these statements were made under threat of family and career attacks like what happened with General Flynn or Paul Manafort. Mr. Comey’s firing was NOT to impede – it was suggested by everyone in the Democrat Party as well as by a letter from Rosenstein and Jeff Sessions.

6. “The essence of obstruction is deception or diversion — to prevent the government from finding the truth. To Mr. Mueller, the issue was not if Mr. Trump committed crimes of obstruction. Rather, it was if Mr. Trump could be charged successfully with those crimes.”

  • False. Mr. Mueller was investigating Russian Collusion not obstruction. Without collusion, there could be no obstruction. President Trump could have fired Mueller and ended the investigation (as is his right as the President of the United States and the Executive Branch of our government). HE DID NOT. Therefore, no obstruction.

7. “Mr. Mueller knew that Mr. Barr would block an indictment of Mr. Trump because Mr. Barr has a personal view of obstruction at odds with the statute itself. Mr. Barr’s view requires that the obstructer have done his obstructing in order to impede the investigation or prosecution of a crime that the obstructer himself has committed. Thus, in this narrow view, because Mr. Trump did not commit the crime of conspiracy with the Russians, it was legally impossible for Trump to have obstructed the FBI investigation of that crime.”

  • FALSE and a logical fallacy. Wanting to end a foolish investigation into a made up crime that never happened is not obstruction. If the crime had happened, and IF the President had attempted to end the investigation (whether successful or not in ending it), it WOULD have been obstruction. However; no crime happened, no attempt to end the investigation happened, and WANTING to do something is NEVER obstruction. What is this? Minority Report?

8. “So, the dilemma for House Democrats now is whether to utilize Mr. Mueller’s evidence of obstruction for impeachment. They know from history that impeachment only succeeds if there is a broad, national, bipartisan consensus behind it, no matter the weight of the evidence or presence of sophisticated legal theories.”

  • False and deliberately misleading. The Mueller report determined absolutely no collusion happened, thus obstruction was not possible. Throwing the phrase “no matter the weight of the evidence” into this fake news story is trying to imply that there is evidence when in fact, the Mueller report showed none.

9. “The President’s job is to enforce federal law. If he had ordered its violation to save innocent life or preserve human freedom, he would have a moral defense. But ordering obstruction to save himself from the consequences of his own behavior is unlawful, defenseless and condemnable.”

  • False. The President never ordered obstruction, or in any way obstructed justice for a crime.
  • Misleading. “If he had ordered it to save innocent life…” implies that he did order it. “Consequences of his own behavior” implies that there would be bad consequences for something the President did, when in fact he didn’t do anything wrong.
  • Slander. Calling the President “unlawful, defenseless, and condemnable” based on zero evidence, when in matter of fact the evidence shows the opposite is clearly a false smear.

The fact that this is published all over the MSN and television as somehow a “News Story” is contemptable and proof that news is no longer run by journalists but by Democrat propagandist hacks that fight against President Trump with a crazed religious fervor.

President Trump is 100% right with his Tweets.

According to Newsweek, “Napolitano relayed a story about a meeting he had with Trump during his transition into the White House following his November 2016 election. The longtime Fox News personality said he did not ask Trump if he could be on the Supreme Court, but instead was there to counsel the president on who should replace the late Justice Antonin Scalia, who died earlier that year.” In this discussion, Napolitano DID NOT give a name, but rather a description of the person. Later, he stated that he was trying to describe Judge Neil Gorsuch. 

“In regard to Trump’s claim that Napolitano asked for the pardon of “his friend,” the Fox News figurehead said it was actually a “mutual” friend between he and Trump”.

So, President Trump was right. Again.

President Donald Trump walks on the South Lawn upon arrival at the White House in Washington, Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019, after attending the casualty return at Dover Air Force Base, Del., for the four Americans killed in a suicide bomb attack in Syria. (AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta)

When will Blind Lady Justice prevail? Is anyone else sick of this one sided national discussion of fake crimes when the glaring crime against our President is the coup attempt by Hillary, Obama, the DOJ, the FBI, and the rest of the deep state?

Sedition is a High Crime and the Treason that was committed in working with the Russians and others to try and take out a duly elected President should be met with the harshest penalty allowed by the laws of our great country.

Let’s Make America Great Again and let’s start by prosecuting real crimes.

~CK Justice

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