Tales From The Road 04/29/19

tales from the road

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This Potential Terrorist Act that the FBI nipped in the Bud hits pretty close to home. I only live about 10 miles from Reseda and when I heard about the Maga Rally event last Month that was going to be in Long Beach I was thinking of going. Thank God the FBI prevented the Muslim convert from hitting his target.
Another thing after listening to the News describe the Terrorist Target being A White Nationalist Rally. I said that is bullshit😡🤬. When I arrived in my Motel tonight I looked in the Mirror and what I saw was a American Patriot who loves his Country and Supports his President. Not a far right White Nationalist. Pretty sad State of Affairs if this is what the media thinks of us for just supporting Trump.
Cnn take on the Terrorist. Surprised they mentioned he was a Muslim Convert🤔 In the Video description they called the Long Beach Rally a White Nationalist Rally.
Is this truly what they think of us
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