May Day Riots engulf Europe

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Yellow Vests in Paris, Protesters in Bulgaria, Rome, Russia, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, Greece, and several other European countries took to the streets on May Day. Riots and unrest throughout Europe were apparent as police clashed with the protestors.

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Russian riot police and national guardsmen detained more than 100 people during May Day protests on Wednesday, sometimes using extreme force to take into custody anti-government activists, Reuters witnesses and a rights monitoring group said.
OVD-Info, the monitoring group, said 124 people had been detained across Russia, and that most of the detentions, 68, had taken place in St Petersburg where several hundred people had taken to the streets calling for fair elections.

The most violent displays were in Paris, as police tear gassed and lobbed stun grenades at protestors. Looks like the EU isn’t quite working out the way the NWO intended. The people are sick of the policies forced upon them, and are fighting back.

Vive la révolution !


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