“FAT JERRY” Nadler should recuse himself

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We have all seen Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Rep Jerry Nadler go on his tangents in Congress against Donald Trump.

His disdain for Donald Trump is wildly apparent. Yesterday in a committee meeting Nadler was so outraged at Attorney general William Barr’s summary of the Mueller Report, he cut rep Matt Gaetz’s microphone when Gaetz tried to make a point.

Last month, Trump dubbed Nadler “Fat Jerry” in a conference with house Republicans, poking fun of Nadler’s weight loss surgery in the earlier 2000s. Trump suggested Nadler is still overweight even though he got the surgery. (Source Washington post)

Trump’s history with Nadler goes back to the 80s over a real estate deal. Trump won a court battle and Nadler has hated Trump ever since.

Jerry Nadlers history with Donald Trump:

The Washington Post reported on Monday that Trump went on a tirade last month about Nadler, who is heading a sweeping oversight investigation into the president, during a meeting with GOP lawmakers.

Trump reportedly referenced his contentious history with the New York Democrat going back to the 1980s and also mocked Nadler’s weight. Nadler and Trump first clashed when the congressman was in the New York State Assembly and Trump was a Manhattan real estate mogul.

In 1985, Trump purchased a former railroad yard in Nadler’s district on Manhattan’s West Side, proposing a major residential and retail development surrounded by TV stations and anchored by a 150-story skyscraper.

Nadler, who along with many in the community fiercely opposed the project, instead believed the rail system should have been reinvigorated, the Post reported, and he worked to block the project even when he was sworn into Congress.

Trump rained down insults on Nadler over the obstruction, but his opposition to Trump only raised his political profile.

While Trump’s development was never built as he envisioned it, he did manage to build a number of residential buildings on the parcel, though he sold the property in 2005 with much of it still under construction amid delays and opposition. 

Source politico

Does this not sound like a major conflict of interest to anyone else?

Why hasn’t rep Jerry Nadler recused himself from anything pertaining to Trump? It is clearly a conflict of interest and he is more interested in getting revenge on his personal grudge with Trump than he is doing his job in Congress. SAD and pathetic what our tax dollars are being spent on.

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