Rep Omar calls Israel missile strikes “fake news” still wont condemn Hamas

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Rep Ilahn Omar from Minnesota finally made her first comments about Israel being under fire throughout the past couple of days.

Instead of focusing on the countless videos of Israel being under fire, she chooses to focus on one video that is 3 or 4 years old to try to point out that the story is not real.

Still no mention of the actual attacks and Hamas being responsible for them. If we can not even name the enemy how are they suppose to be defeated?

After receiving harsh backlash from that tweet she chimed in a few minutes later.

Israel and Hamas are bitter enemies that have fought three wars since 2007 when the Islamic militant group seized control of Gaza. There have been also been several smaller flare-ups, most recently, in late March. Now tensions have escalated.

Rashida Tlaib already made a fool of herself

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