The Clintons slash prices to $2.00 for speaking tour

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Hillary and Bill Clinton’s thirteen city speaking tour is not going as well as planned. After hoping to get $1,700 for the expensive tickets and $200 for cheap tickets’ they had to change course after abysmal presales.

Prices for Bill and Hillary Clinton’s 13-city tour have taken a plunge

Show at LA Forum in California Saturday had tickets listed for $2 on Vivid Seats

Tickets for Park MGM in Vegas on Sunday were available from $15 on StubHub 

Seattle, Washington show Friday saw prices drop to $20

Ben Stiller and Sophia Bush are star guests who have moderated An Evening with President Bill Clinton and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton’


The sales for the event in Los Angeles on Saturday were so bad, tickets sold for as low as $2.00. The highest priced tickets sold for less than half what had originally been planned.

In Las Vegas on Sunday it was not much better. Tickets sold for as low as $15.00.

Could you imagine Donald Trump having to resort to $2.00 tickets to be able to pack a venue? People would pay huge dollars to attend Trump rallies.

The demand to see Hillary and Bill Clinton seems to be almost nonexistent. Will they ever just pack it up and retire? Hillary is rich and has had a very successful career.

Why does she feel the need to constantly divide the country and interject on issues the American people have rejected from her numerous times. Sad and pathetic! Just this week she went on Maddow and begged for China to help out Democrats.

The Clintons’ desperation has reached an all-time high. The 2020 election is just a year away and the Democrat candidates are already distancing themselves from crooked Hillary. Her endorsement holds zero weight. She is now resorting to trying to shock people for attention. Quite unbecoming of a former first lady and secretary of state.

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