Laura Loomer banned, James Woods Suspended, but Bill Cosby still active on Twitter

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We have all read about constant silencing of Conservatives on social media. Just this past week Paul Watson, Alex Jones, Laura Loomer and several other influential Conservative voices were scrubbed from Instragram and Facebook. Not only were they banned, but any mention of them is also banned and will be taken down.

Twitter has not been much better; recently suspending movie star and influential political pundit James Woods. They have already banned Loomer, Alex Jones, Milo Yiannopoulos and a long list of others.

Now this leads us to the guy who is the biggest serial rapist in American history: convicted rapist Bill Cosby.

You can still find Bill Cosby’s official Twitter page by simply typing in his name. He is on Twitter promoting appearances for his family and DVDs where he no doubt is a financial benefactor from prison.

Do I think Bill Cosby should be allowed on Twitter? I do, but so do all of the other Conservatives who have been suspended. Everyone has a right to free speech, even Bill Cosby, but the double standard is outrageous. They suspend Conservatives for being provocative but keep someone like Bill Cosby who may be the biggest rapist in American history.

Trump has to act before the 2020 election before social media completely drowns out his supporters voice. The time to act is now! The double standards and biased is only getting worst.

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1 thought on “Laura Loomer banned, James Woods Suspended, but Bill Cosby still active on Twitter

  1. Yeah well, Cosby’s a Black and Social Media only censors Blacks when they’re not Black Enough, i.e., they show an insufficient hatreds towards Whites and, hence, America.

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