Trump Derangement Syndrome: Liberal Actor Tom Arnold says he would support a Nazi over Trump

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Washed up, irrelavant actor and frequent critic of President Trump, Tom Arnold recently said in a video he would “support a nazi over Trump.” And that “Trump is the lead nazi”.

Surely Jewish people should be offended by the comments and Arnold has once again made an ass of himself bashing Trump. Just like Kathy Griffin did; will these idiots ever learn?


This is what stage 4 Trump Derangement syndrome sounds like. Maybe Tom should be more worried about his failing movie career? Or maybe he should be worried about his wife who is leaving him? Maybe he should be worried about fixing his cocaine addiction?

Hollywood celebrities were shown how little influence they had when Trump won every single swing state in the 2016 election. I dont think anything has changed now.

Tom Arnold, just like Rosie can not let it go.

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