Vanity Fair says Donald Trump, who is worth $3.5 BILLION dollars is one of the biggest losers in America 🤯

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The fake news media and the Liberal mob have been going crazy because New York Times published a piece on Trump’s tax returns from the 80s and 90s.

They cited he lost so much money he did not have to pay taxes.

We all knew Trump had a couple real estate projects go bankrupt. This is NOTHING new. He rebounded and made BILLIONS.

Gossip magazine Vanity Fair claimed today that “Donald Trump may be one of the biggest losers in America.”

Fake news CNN couldn’t help themselves but to run with the narrative either.

If being one of the biggest losers in America means accumulating a $3.5 billion dollar net worth and becoming President of the United States I think a lot of people would love to be a loser.

The fake news continues to harp on Trumps tax returns and have still not learned their lesson that no one cares. In 2016 they made it a central issue and no one cared when they voted. No one voting will care in 2020 either.

This President’s approval rating just hit an all time high and the Mueller probe that was supposed to see him get impeached was a total dud. This is why the left is so screwed up and desperate right now.

We will just continue to shake are heads and laugh at them.

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