Mitt RINO Romney at it again. Votes against President Trump pick

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Mitt Romney is once again a thorn in President Trump’s side. This time he has voted against one of President Trump’s judicial picks over past comments the judge made about former President Obama. 

Romney, who faced off against Obama in the 2012 presidential race, cast the lone GOP no voteagainst Judge Michael Truncale, who was ultimately confirmed to the Eastern District of Texas by a 49-46 margin.

Truncale raised eyebrows in 2011 when he called Obama an “un-American imposter.”He later told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he was “merely expressing frustration by what I perceived as a lack of overt patriotism on behalf of President Obama,” adding that he did not subscribe to “birtherism.”

However, Romney found enough fault with the original remark to vote against Truncale’s nomination. “He made particularly disparaging comments about President Obama. And as the Republican nominee for president, I just couldn’t subscribe to that in a federal judge,”

Romney told Politico in a brief interview.”This was not a matter of qualifications or politics. This was something specifically to that issue as a former nominee of our party,” he added.


Romney, since taking office in January, has already voted against President Trump’s National Emergency and recently lambasted Herman Cain for Trump nominating him to a position in the Federal Reserve.

Now Mitt’s feelings are hurt. Trump’s pick once called out Obama on his controversial birth certificate. Romney has zero loyalty to the Republican party and President Trump. Utah should be ashamed at what they have.

Mitt Romney is a jealous deepstate RINO who is a career loser and very jealous of this President. He is not as rich as this President, he is not as successful as this President, and his jealousy is pathetic.

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