Nicole Eggert Attacks a Combat Disabled Veteran

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You might remember her from Charles in Charge. Then again, you might not…Maybe you’ll remember her from her brief stint as a model:

I think though today, she will be best known for her blatant bullying of two combat veterans on Twitter. Yes you got that right, not one, but two.

I met Mike, one of the veterans she decided to pick on yesterday, and onto the wee hours of this morning. What I read was absolutely stomach churning, disrespectful, and outright rude. She threatened to doxx them, she called them gay, she bragged about her guns in a veiled attempt at a threat, she called them fakes and liars, and made fun of the fact that she was probably more rich than they were.

Follow along in this video to read all the nasty things she Tweeted to these fine heroes, before she conveniently deleted the evidence.

She made threats…

I didn’t see the Vet threaten her at any point in the conversation…

She brought in her hacker friend to ruffle some feathers…

A bit menacing, I’d say..

I told you they were friends….
Oddly enough, while all this was going on, Mike’s account was conveniently put on a time out by Twitter…of course.
She made this incredibly insensitive homophobic remark….
Oh yeah, this one too…smh

She accused the vets of attacking HER….

Meet Mike. Mike was in the National Guard for 6 years, did one deployment to Iraq and injured his lower back and hip when he was thrown out of his humvee after it went into a canal during an unexploded ordnance patrol. He is in pain much of the time, and some days are better than others.
He joined up thanks to G.I Joe… he’s got pictures of himself in full camo at 6yrs old.

I was abused as a kid and didn’t get any help, and wanted to protect those who needed it and stop whoever the bad guy was.
And I have to say my grandfather helped, I grew up listening to him talk about being a soldier since I could walk, he was a WW2 veteran, and pretty much my dad as well growing up.

-Mike @RandomVet

Meet Eddie. I had the pleasure of speaking with him as well. He was also caught in the bully’s crossfire. He served more than three years in the US Army. His is a family tradition: coming from a long line of Military going back at least to his great grandparents. He prides himself on his patriotism.

I was wondering why she would threaten to dox me. I thought she needed prayer. Her false accusations of me threatening her and her family made me positive that if she’d distort the truth so easily about something like that then she would most definitely falsely accuse Mr. Baio of something far more heinous

-Eddie @gamecocksSecE

I’d just like Her to know, i don’t hate her. I want her to find peace in life as it is so short. I also want her to know that I’m not fearful of her doxing threats and won’t tuck my tail because of that threat. We(Veterans) are not perfect people as everyone has flaws. That being said we shouldn’t be targeted by her and her “crew” for merely speaking our mind without attacking her.

@gamecocksSecE on his thoughts about Nicole

Nicole didn’t know this man, but she saw his bio, and decided to harass him, belittle him, degrade him, threaten him. Veterans don’t need hate, they don’t need to be harassed, and they most certainly do not need the added anxiety brought on them by hate mail via DMs and otherwise.

This is a very slippery slope. We’ve all seen the videos around Twitter. Missing Vet. Please help us find them. Suicides are quite common among veterans and we all pray each and every one wakes up the next morning, but the truth is some do not. Pain, anxiety, stress, all these things play pivotal roles in how well someone deals with the past, and how quickly they can get through the moment.

what if I was another veteran, depressed and in a bad situation, these words she typed could have caused a suicide… And that’s a huge deal to me, veterans shouldn’t be degraded like that because you never know what someone’s situation is.

-Mike @RandomVet

I’ve learned in life, whether you’re a small animal or a human being, everyone needs someone to help at some point in their lives.

To other veterans: keep your heads up no matter what, no matter how alone you feel someone will be there for you, someone will help, don’t ever stop looking for them, we really are out there, and here for them.

-Mike @RandomVet
Beautiful, noble words from a true hero.

Even through all the bullying, these two showed their true colors.

Scott is right. These young men ARE heroes and should be treated as such!

Mr. Baio has already proven his innocence. He deserves to be rid of this burr in his side!

Still through all this, these two are proud Americans, proud veterans, and they held their composure with strength quite well.

No one should turn a blind eye to what happened on Twitter yesterday. Some very disrespectful words were spoken to some fine veterans who have paid the ultimate price for their country.

They deserve an apology.

Please send them warm wishes. Thank you Mike @RandomVet, and thank you Eddie @gamecocksSecE for your service. There are still those of us out here that appreciate you, that care about you, and that know in our hearts you’ve helped make this world a better place.

To any other veterans in need, please remember:


PTSD & Suicide Prevention
#Veterans #PTSD

Photo Gallery of the conversation. You could follow along if most weren’t already deleted. Click the first one to read the larger version, and press the arrow to the right to continue on to the next one. Thank you.

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