Missouri adds to the Pro-Life momentum. Bans abortions after 8 weeks

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In the last few weeks, we have seen a major movement in this country for Pro-Life bills. Governor Kemp of Georgia started the trend with the “heartbeat bill” that would make it illegal to get an abortion after a heartbeat is detected.

Alabama followed Georgia’s lead and now so is Missouri.

Missouri’s Republican-led Senate has passed a bill to ban abortions at eight weeks of pregnancy.

Senators approved the legislation 24-10 early Thursday with just hours left before lawmakers’ Friday deadline to pass bills. It needs at least another vote of approval in the GOP-led House before it can go to Republican Gov. Mike Parson, who supports it.

The bill only allows exceptions in cases of medical emergencies, not rape or incest.


What wonderful news! Under President Trump’s lead finally politicians are choosing life over the barbaric practice of aborting babies.

For decades it felt like all we seen were bills that were protecting people who decided to kill their baby. Now the tides have turned.

Let’s hope the momentum continues! 👏

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