Washed up Shock Jock Howard Stern bashes Trump on book tour

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Anyone who has been a long time listener of the Stern show knows that Howard Stern and Donald Trump have had a long relationship. Trump appeared on Stern regularly as a guest and was treated like a friend of the show.

The amount of publicity Stern got throughout the 80s, 90s, 00s, and so on having Trump on was beneficial to both and they seemed to genuinely get along.

Now his new book titled “Howard Stern Comes Again,” a collection of his most memorable interviews. He mentions Trump 11 times. He is profiting off of this Presidents popularity by writing a book about interviewing him and giving his own skewed opinions on the interviews.

Ever since Trump announced he was running for President everything changed for Stern who is a staunch Democrat after his marriage to Beth Ostrosky in 2008.

Stern use to be neutral in politics but ever since he got his gold digging “Hollywood model” bride he could not be anymore liberal. Anyone who watches the show knows how different it is now compared to even the 2006 time frame. Stern has completely sold out his audience and is just another liberal puppet.

In fact Stern is so hated by his own fans A popular internet forum called dawgs saloon was created several years ago to give former Stern fans an outlet to RIP the once funny shock jock. They make fun of how Stern has changed into a SJW, his wife Beth, and his ridiculous wig he puts on his head every day.

No more controversial radio from Stern. Now he talks about how much he likes it when Ellen dances and brings on celebs like Rosie O Donnell. A long ways from his controversial fart man days.

One of the top five guests of all time,” Stern said, referring to the president.”He was wild — I thought I was wild,” Stern said. “A great guest because he would say anything that came into his mind. He was completely unfiltered. He was talking about his daughter [Ivanka Trump] being the most attractive woman he’d ever met and how much he thought she was hot. … It was wild every time.”

Stern said Trump called him regularly throughout the 2016 presidential campaign to “touch base” and sought Stern’s endorsement, which the radio host didn’t give because he considered himself a “big supporter” of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

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