Footsteps Of Inevitability

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It’s hard to believe that the liberal media and Democrat Party are up in arms, again. Why? Well President Trump has given Attorney General Bill Barr permission to declassify and release intelligence information related to the orgins of the Russia investigation. The CIA and FBI now have to work with Barr to release information that could shed light on the who did what when, where, how and why.

President Trump explains why he decided to declassify intelligence information.

One would think Democrats would be estactic over this transparency, but they are not. They are protesting the release of the information. The Democrats and liberal media are behaving as though they are afraid of what could possibly be revealed from the declassification.

Let’s face it the declassification could lead to former Obama government officials being found to have behaved criminally. It could also point a finger squarely at Hillary Clinton and possibly President Obama himself.

The transparency that the Dems and liberal media have always wanted seems to have put them in a bit of a quandry. Perhaps they wanted control of the information being released to spin it and make the president look bad.

Democrats lament to the liberal media over the President’s decision to allow AG Barr to declassify intelligence information.

Be Careful What You Ask For

Now mind you the liberal media is the same group along with Democrats who had wanted Barr to release unredacted portions of the Mueller report. They claimed the president was covering up something as the reason for the unredacted information not being released.

By law the unredacted portions of the report couldn’t be released. However, recently, the DOJ worked with Congress to release some of the redactions. Still there was no smoking gun. Yet, the Dems and media are persistent on their narrative of a cover-up.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi incoherently talks about a cover-up but has not gives any proof. All manufactured talking points of the left.

Spinning Doesn’t Always Work

Here is a novel idea, why won’t the liberal media level with its viewers and come clean. Explain to them that this entire thing has been a ruse gone completely wrong. That they, the media, have been stringing the American public along, reporting on a fake Russia narrative. Why? Because they don’t like President Trump. He won the 2016 election despite all of their efforts to keep him from winning. They have never gotten over the defeat, and neither have the Democrats or Never Trumpers.

Like clock work, upon learning of the president’s decision to release classified information, the liberal media rounded up its usual talking heads for a spin job.

Former CIA Director John Brennan questions why information will be released. This is the same guy who swore up and down that the president colluded with Russia.

CNN favorite James Clapper provides insight. Another useless spin.

Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper was never concerned about unredacted portions of the Mueller Report being released. Now all of a sudden he is on CNN expressing concerns over the origins of the Russia Investigaton coming out. His concerns begs the question, who is he trying to protect?

When all else fails and you know the footsteps of inevitability are about to catch up with you, do your best to spin your way out of it. If spinning doesn’t work, create a distraction, but blame the opposition for the distraction.

Unable to make any head way that would change the narrative on AG Barr releasing information to the public, the liberal media discovers the word “distraction.”

At the end of the day, the president’s position is this should never happen again. No president should have to govern through a lie created by the government that is supposed to protect us.

President Trump tells reporters what happened to him should never happen to another president.


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