High school students freedom of speech violated: Censored MAGA hat in yearbook

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An uproar in Pennsylvania has arisen because high school students who were their “Make America Great Again” hats have been edited on the yearbook.

School officials in Littlestown, Penn. are investigating after two “Make America Great Again” hats were censored in a high school yearbook. Littlestown High School administration said in a statement that the censorship of the pro-Trump apparel was a “mistake” that was not noticed before printing.

One student involved believes that the censorship was a direct attack on his First Amendment rights.

Of course it was. The socialist left can not handle any opinions that differ from their own. They censor and bully anyone who supports President Trump.

I just think that whoever did this doesn’t like Trump,” 16-year-old Jeremy Gebhart told Fox43.

Gebhart and his friend wore their MAGA hats to show support of President Donald Trump during their school’s spirit week in October. A photo taken of them at that time made it to the yearbook, with the noticeable edit.

We were like they blurred our hats out!” said Gebhart.

His mother, Lorraine Gebhart, was also not pleased with the photo edit. “I was infuriated because he wears that hat because he supports our president,” she told the station. “He’s not doing anything illegal he’s wearing a hat of support.”

Great to see this young patriot has great parents who support him.

When will the bullying and censorship stop from the socialist school system? They desperately try to indoctrinate kids from the time they start going to school and it has to stop. Public schools are not safe. Pay attention to what your children are “learning”

In America you should be able to support our President.

Source Yahoo news

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