Illegal Stabs 75-year-old woman to death for not helping him fix his stolen truck

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13 times. The number of stab wounds found on 75 year old Etta Nugent’s body. According to the coroner’s report, illegal immigrant, Marco Cobos stabbed the elderly woman for up to an hour before she finally died.

Sources tell ABC13 Eyewitness News that Cobos had been sleeping in a stolen truck from Phoenix, Arizona in the area of the 8100 block of Neff Street for at least two days prior to the stabbing.

Cobos told police he was having issues with his vehicle and asked the woman to help him. Police said that Cobos then forced his way into Nugent’s home sometime Sunday night and stabbed her several times when she told him she couldn’t help.
Law enforcement sources told ABC13 that sometime after stabbing her, Cobos took $560 and drove the victim’s Honda Accord to the store so he can buy food for himself and a new battery for the pickup.
Cobos returned to Nugent’s home, where he ate his food and hung out for several hours, sources added. He also apparently used Nugent’s credit card to pay his cell phone bill.

Cobos is being charged with capital murder, and could face the death penalty if convicted.

Look closely. Listen. THIS is who the Democrats are defending. THIS is who the Democrats welcome into our country.

NO MORE MURDERS by illegals!


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