Newsom wants us all to pay for California ILLEGALS

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Governor Gavin Newsom from California has floated out an idea to give illegal immigrants FREE health care.

Free for illegals of course but it certainly would not be free for the California tax payers.

It wouldn’t just be California that suffered. What it would do is expand Medical which is Californias version of Medicaid and the federal government pays for 2/3rds of that.

Gov. Gavin Newsom announced sweeping proposals to tackle the state’s healthcare needs shortly after taking office on Monday, outlining a dramatic Medi-Cal expansion that would cover young immigrant adults who are in the U.S. illegally, require that all consumers in the state carry health insurance and increase subsidies for middle-class families to help those who need it.

California citizens, your governor is telling you he wants you to pay for the massive flow of illegal immigrants coming through our border.

The Day 1 announcement was as much a rebuke to the Trump administration as it was an attempt by Newsom to make good on his campaign promise to fix a fragmented healthcare system that leaves many priced out or underinsured. The governor also signed executive orders to consolidate the state’s prescription drug purchases into a state-run program and to create a new surgeon general position to look at health disparities before they manifest, as Newsom put it.

LA Times

Democrats are so obsessed with opposing Trump they refuse to put the people who elected them first. Newsom has been incredibly two faced.

Every person should have access to quality, affordable healthcare,” Newsom said earlier Monday in his inaugural address. “Far-away judges and politicians may try to turn back our progress. But we will never waver in our pursuit of guaranteed healthcare for all Californians.”

LA Times

Hey dummy illegals are not Californians, they are illegals.

The new governor sent a letter to Congress and the White House asking for changes to federal laws so that the state can have the regulatory freedom to overhaul California’s healthcare system and move toward single payer.

Why would President Trump listen to a guy who wants to give illegals health insurance? He has no credibility and hopefully President Trump didnt waste his time reading that garbage.

Many citizens in California hoped that Newsom would be better than disgraced Governor Jerry Brown but he has actually been worst. California continues to struggle while the rest of the country thrives. The direct result of electing Democrats.

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