Venezuela’s Maduro buys 7 million dollars worth of weapons to use on his people

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Venezuela: Maduro has ordered 7 million dollars worth of guns and ammunition to be passed out to his military and police force.

Tanks were seen running over citizens. Riots. Fires. People starving in the streets. Yet, he spends money on more guns to use on his own people…

He also celebrated with the Macarena, in a rally supporting the current failing government.

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro on Thursday accused the United States of seeking to destroy a food aid program that the government of the crisis-stricken OPEC nation says feeds some 6 million families.
Washington is preparing sanctions and criminal charges against Venezuelan officials and others suspected of using the food program to launder money for the Maduro government, sources familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.

The program sells boxes of food at subsidized prices that include products such as rice, pasta, oil and powdered milk. Some of the products are imported from countries such as Turkey, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil.
Maduro launched the plan in 2016 in response to chronic food shortages and spiraling prices, as Venezuela struggled under hyperinflation and a severe economic contraction. Critics call the program a form of social control that is used to pressure its recipients to support the ruling Socialist Party.


He seems to forget all the aid that he DENIED his people. All the truckloads of food and blankets and water, and medicine that he simply would noy allow to get through….

People are starving. Eating garbage, and drinking sewer water, yet Maduro seeks to buy more weapons, and blame everyone else for Venezuela’s problems. Typical behavior by a classic deranged Socialist.


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