Hope yet for France, as Nationalism takes hold- Marine Le Pen crushes Macron

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Marine Le Pen, representing the National Rally Party in France, wins over Macron in Sunday’s European parliamentary elections.

Marine Le Pen, the leader of the National Rally party in France, in a Breitbart News exclusive interview on Monday called on French president Emmanuel Macron to resign the presidency, but said he is not honest or bold enough to recognize his worldview has been defeated.

In the United Kingdom, Le Pen noted, David Cameron stepped down as Prime Minister when the British people voted to leave the European Union back in 2016. And in 2019, Le Pen noted, Prime Minister Theresa May announced her plans to resign after the Brexit Party defeated her party and all others in the U.K.’s European Parliament elections.

Le Pen told Breitbart News that Macron should “definitely” follow Cameron’s and May’s leads and resign from the French presidency. “But Macron has neither the honesty to do it, nor the panache to do it,” Le Pen said.


Macron’s Republic on The Move had 21.9% of the vote compared with 24.1% for the anti-European National Rally with 90% of ballots counted . The Greens rose to third with 13.1%, the conservative Republicans got 8% and the Socialists 6.4%. In the last EU vote in 2014 Le Pen beat the conservatives by 4 percentage points with Macron’s Socialist predecessor Francois Hollande trailing in third.


Le Pen is much like Trump. She believes in STRONG borders and a strong sovereign nation. She is anti-EU. She is exactly what the French people need. They are sick of no-go zones, sick of trash littering the streets, sick of immigration, and sick of the danger unvetted immigration brings.

The Yellow Vests may be winning their fight, and it’s very much needed. Le Pen will bring a solid foundation for the people of France. They can take back their country from the literal strife it’s been held under now for years.

I look forward to the changes she will implement!


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