Rep Omar: “I bring the perspective of a foreigner” to U.S. foreign policy.

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Rep Ilahn Omar said in a local Minnesota newspaper “I bring the perspective of a foreigner” to U.S. foreign policy.

Omar has a history of radical left-wing activism, and brought a long record of anti-Israel — and antisemitic — rhetoric to Washington. Before winning a seat in Congress, she had called Israel an “apartheid regime,” and tweeted: “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.”


Rep Omar has been a disaster and a complete embarrassment to the United States. Why do we need a foreigner’s perspective on foreign policy? This is the America First era in this country.

Most Americans do not want to hear about her sympathizing with Muslims as she has done countless times. Trying to get terrorists released from jail, and being more “pro-Somalia” than “pro-America.”

Nevertheless, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) appointed Omar to the House Foreign Affairs Committee, where she has continued to cause controversy — not just regarding Israel, but other issues as well.

In January, for example, Omar referred to Venezuela’s socialist opposition as “far right,” and blamed U.S. sanctions for that country’s economic woes, rather than the dictatorial behavior or the socialist economic policies of Nicolas Maduro’s regime.

President Trump said it best: Nancy Pelosi has lost her way. Instead of speaking out against Omar’s blatant anti semitism, she thinks it’s a good idea to put her on the foreign affairs committee. Thanks to Nancy, a radical Muslim is privy to all kinds of classified information.

Later, Omar accused pro-Israel Americans of “allegiance to a foreign country” and refused to apologize. A subsequent House resolution that was ostensibly to have criticized her antisemitism was watered down to criticize all forms of hatred and failed to mention her specifically. (Omar even claimed victory after the resolution passed, falsely arguing that it was the first congressional resolution to criticize anti-Muslim bigotry.)

Nevertheless, Pelosi has rejected calls to remove Omar from the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

She should be ashamed of herself. Speaker Pelosi has accomplished absolutely nothing for the American people for years.

The Democrats’ plans have fallen apart. Impeachment plans have flopped, the economy is the best in over 50 years and Trump’s approval rating continues to rise. They are now so desperate for something new they are allowing idiots like AOC and Omar to further divide the party. All under Nancy Pelosi’s watch.

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