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Over the holiday weekend, former President Barak Obama (love saying that – FORMER) dropped by the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy to the delight of the kids playing. He played some ball with them, and they were understandably excited that he came. Leave it to Kathy Griffin to take a nice, feel good story and twist it into a political jab at Trump. She still hasn’t accepted that Trump is and will continue to be her President, like it or not. Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) continues to plague our nation as the Left continues its refusal to accept his legitimate Presidency.

She must be expressing the fantasy of many who long for the days of Obama. Abysmal economic growth. Cops being shot in the streets. Open borders and illegal immigrants being inserted into towns and cities across the US. Disdain for our nation on his apology tour.

Believe me, I detested Obama’s policies and his opinion of our great nation. Did I hate him or his family? No. Did I dramatically pose with his blood covered severed head? Or riot in the streets? Certainly not. I got up and went to work, got involved in politics and spoke up. We all remember this horrible image:

That unforgettable image heralded the destruction of Griffin’s very forgettable career. Despite her efforts to revive it, she is still floundering.

She is not alone with her hatred of Trump. Hollywood is filled with animosity for our great President! Jim Carrey prefers to express his views with his paintings such as the one depicting Mueller as a toothless lion:

While I would like to think that he is using hyperbole to make a point about the future of the free world hanging in the balance, perhaps he is not. Will it really make a difference whether Mueller testifies in public or private? Would Carrey and the other folks suffering from TDS believe Mueller if he doesn’t tell them what they want to hear?

No TDS list would be complete without that perennial protester, Alyssa Milano. A child actress from decades ago, her current passion and full time job seems to be squawking about Trump and abortion. A “Resistor” with a capital ‘R’, Milano attended the Kavanaugh hearings daily; she’s protested everything under the sun that is against Trump or has a hint of Conservative value.

Needless to say, this list could continue on and on and on. But the bigger question is this: for over 200 years, the reigns of power have been peacefully ceded to the newly elected President. The outgoing administration withdraws to make way for the administration chosen by the People through the Electoral College. Uniquely American, this peaceful process is one of the things that makes our country so great.

So, what has changed to leave so many people feel unable to move forward 2+ years post election? Mainstream Media predicted Hillary would win in a landslide right up until the day of the election leaving her followers bereft. Barak Obama chose to stay in Washington DC rather than return to his home following his departure from the White House. Preceding Presidents have tried to stay out of politics as a courtesy to the incoming administration.

Or have some members of our society developed such a sense of entitlement that they simply cannot comprehend how to handle a loss? Sadly, this level of entitlement plays out across the country daily with people being attacked for the audacity of wearing their red MAGA hats or voicing a pro-life opinion or stating that immigrants to the US should go through the correct process rather than sneaking across the border. With a population of approximately 330 million, we are bound to have differences of opinions on just about everything. But, like generations before us, we should be able to set aside our differences and focus on the common goal of what is best for our nation and its citizens.

For 243 years, our freedoms and ability to peacefully transfer power have been the envy of the world. Let’s keep it that way!

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