Barr Vs Mueller: Truth Or Consequences

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Make no mistake Attorney General William (Bill) Barr does not mince words. He says what he means and means what he says. Right now what he is saying contradicts what Special Counsel Robert (Bob) Mueller gave as his reason for not charging President Trump with a crime. (To be clear Trump did not commit a crime).

On Tuesday, Mueller gave a statement to the press at the Department of Justice. The statement was billed as a wrap-up of the special counsel’s two year investigation into Russia Collusion and the Trump Campaign. Mueller, who took no questions from the media, said there was no collusion. However, he could not come to a conclusion on the president committing the crime of obstruction of justice. He cited the guidelines of the Office of Legal Counsel (OLC) that states a sitting president can not be indicted, as his reason.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller says he could not reach a decision on the president committing a crime due to the Office of Legal Counsel guidelines. Yet, it seems he left the door open, according to the liberal media, for Congress to impeach the president.

In an interview with CBS, Barr said he felt Mueller could have reached a conclusion if the president was involved in a criminal activity (obstruction of justice). Barr continued and said he suppose Mueller had his reasons but that he would not get into an argument over them.

AG Barr disagrees with Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s position on not reaching a decision as to the president committing a crime.

While the OLC guideline does say a sitting president can’t be indicted, it does not say that a sitting president can not be charged with a crime. So it begs the quesion why didn’t Mueller, who seemingly knows the law, not adhere to it and follow through. Some in the liberal media seem to think that Mueller left the door open for Congress to address the matter by impeaching the president, but Barr shuts that down.

Early this month, Barr told the House Judiciary Committee that Mueller had told him on more than on occasion that the OLC guidelines was not a reason for him not charging the president with obstruction of justice.

Testifying before the House Judiciary Committee in early May, AG Barr shares with the committee his conversation with Mueller. He said the special counsel said on three ocassions that the OLC guidelines was not the reason he didn’t bring obstruction charges against President Trump.

Although, the average voter is still tring to digest the information coming out of a two year investigation that yielded no collusion, the liberal media has made up its’ mind. They want the president impeached. To them Mueller is telling Congress in a clandestine way to impeach the president. Never mind the fact that a crime hasn’t been committed, and if there was, Mueller couldn’t and didn’t find it. To be clear, it’s not the job of a prosecutor to find or create a crime. Either a crime is there or it isn’t. That’s just how our justice system works.

The liberal media is goating a feckless Democrat Congress to impeach the president.

Barr seems to be the only person with the legal head and with all to save the Republic. The left and liberal media will do their best to take him down and sully his name. Barr must be strong and get to the bottom of this deception or hoax that has been brought upon our Republic.

Once the deep state is exposed, one wonders how the Republic will look. Do not doubt that this is a war against good and evil. In the end good must prevail and this must must never happen again.

This should never happen again.

God Bless America!


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