Trump goes off on Robert Mueller and the phoney Russian hoax in fiery 🔥tirade

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President Trump was fired up this morning and went on a blistering tirade ripping Robert Mueller and the entire Russian hoax investigatio .

President Trump blasted Robert Mueller as “highly conflicted” on Thursday, claiming the special counsel “would have brought charges” against him in the Russia investigation if he had “anything” but that “there were no charges to bring,” while calling impeachment a “dirty, filthy, disgusting word.”

Later Thursday morning, Trump, departing the White House, repeated his criticism that the special counsel was “totally conflicted,” and claimed that Mueller, who served as FBI director under the Bush and Obama administrations, wanted to be tapped to lead the bureau again during the Trump administration.

“He wanted to be FBI director,” Trump said. “Mueller should have never been chosen–he wanted the FBI job and didn’t get it and then was picked as special counsel.”

Trump added that he believes that Mueller is a “true never Trumper,” and blasted the special counsel prosecutors as “18 Trump haters and some of the worst humans.”

As for Russia, Trump said “Russia didn’t help me get elected. I got me elected.”

“Russia didn’t help me at all, if anything, they helped Hillary. This is all about Russia, Russia, Russia — it turned out to be a hoax,” Trump said, adding that “of course” he “fights back” against “false” accusations.”

“It’s a very sad period for this country,” Trump added. “And in the end, I will consider what’s happening now to be one of my greatest achievements.”

The president’s comments come just one day following Mueller gave his first and only public remarks on the Russia investigation. The special counsel on Wednesday from the Justice Department announced that the investigation was officially complete, that the special counsel’s office was closed, and that he would be resigning from the agency and returning to private life.

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