Pocahontas stands up to Joe Biden

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The 2020 Democrats have been pretty mild and tame when it comes to taking shots at one another. We all remember the highly competitive 2016 race with Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Marko Rubio, Chris Christie, Jeb Bush and many others taking shots at each other because the competition was so high.

The 2020 Democrat race has seen all 24 candidates so far refuse to attack each other. It shouldn’t be hard for a brave Democrat to step it up and stand out from the pack, considering all the dirt that has been dug up on the candidates.

We’ve got Warren falsifying her heritage, Kamala and Bernie wanting the Boston bomber to vote, Joe Biden being a serial groper and Cory Booker being a domestic abuser just to name a few Democrats with obvious campaign flaws.

Yet with all this, the Democrats continue to only focus on Trump, not realizing only one will get to face him. The Democrat nominee is there for the taking and just needs someone with some guts to step up and point out these candidates’ flaws.

Who would have ever thought the most aggressive so far would be Pocahontas Elizabeth Warren. Still pretty tame in the grand scheme of things. In April Warren did call Biden out on siding with credit card companies in a 2005 bankruptcy legislation.

“I got in that fight because [families] just didn’t have anyone and Joe Biden was on the side of the credit card companies,” Warren said following a rally in Iowa. “It’s all a matter of public record.”

Elizabeth Warren

And now just last night in San Francisco several candidates spoke and bashed Trump like you would expect but only one decided to take a shot at her immediate competition. Once again taking a shot at Biden saying:

Some Democrats in Washington believe the only changes we can get are tweaks and nudges,’’

“If they dream at all, they dream small. Some say if we’d all just calm down, the Republicans will come to their senses. But our country is in a time of crisis. The time for small ideas is over.”

Elizabeth Warren

Warren was referencing Biden’s line that Republicans will join him on legislation once Trump is out of office.

“The thing that will fundamentally change with Donald Trump out of the White House, not a joke, is you will see an epiphany occur among many of my Republican friends,”


While it is not much to get excited about, Elizabeth Warren is the only Democrat starting to act like she wants to win the primary. The rest of them are so far up each other’s asses they refuse to talk about anything but Trump.

Biden is clearly the front runner. If the other candidates want a shot at beating him they need to step up their game and expose him for being a creep. Will anyone do it? Doubtful.

Good thing our President will.

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