AOC: Close Prisons, Build Solar Farms

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Cortez wants to close Rikers Island and install a solar farm. She says building solar panels on just 25% of the prison will eliminate the need for other currently operating power plants.

Why not just push for an initiative in New York that gives money and tax breaks to businesses and homeowners who utilize solar power? Put solar on the top of all the buildings in New York, and you’ll get a bunch of power….

What’s this need to close down an entire prison? Where exactly will she have the prisoners go?

“…Whenever we come out, whenever we activate, it’s not always in resistance. It’s not always to protest the things that we want, or prevent the expansion of a world that is unjust. But we also come together to put together a vision of the world that we want to build for ourselves… Because when we come together and we decide that we’re gonna shut down Rikers, and we’re gonna turn it not into a playground for the real-estate lobby, and not into a playground for the rich, but we’re gonna put it, and we’re gonna transform it into a public good for all people… If you just put 25% of Rikers Island and cover it in solar panels, we can close every toxic power plant in New York City that was built in the last two decades… And we have to always realize that these injustices aren’t abstract. Right? Our right to clean air and our access to clean water always falls along lines of income, it falls along lines of privilege. And so what we need to make sure is that no child is getting subjected to asthma because of the family that they were born in and the ZIP code that they were born in… And so my vision, and what I’m so excited to show and to discuss is how we’re gonna move forward… Not only how we’re gonna stop the bad things, but how we’re gonna heal and build for our future…”

Like most of her ideas, this one is not very well thought out. I have to give her some credit however. As haphazard as her ideas may be, at least she appears to be working for the people who voted her in. I can’t say the same thing for most of the Democrats currently in Congress.


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