Jealous Loser Mitt Romney says he may not endorse Trump in 2020

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Ever since Mitt Romney took office in January, he has been a constant thorn in President Trumps side.

I believe he lead the dirty dozen Republicans to vote against President Trumps national emergency; he also was critical of Trump after the Mueller report.

Now, after Trump endorsed Romney in Utah, Mitt says he does not yet know if he will “endorse” Trump in 2020.

Does Romney not approve of the best economy in over 50 years?

Does Romney not approve of the record breaking tax cuts?

Does Romney not approve of the Republicans finally having a popular candidate?

Of course he doesn’t.

This backstabbing RINO would love nothing more than to see President Trump impeached. He does not care about this country or how it is doing, only himself.

His real goal in life is being the President at any cost.

Truth is, he got whipped by the worst President ever, and his advantage of being a famous Mormon, along with Trump’s endorsement got him elected in Utah.

Mitt is a total jealous loser and will never be popular like this President and he will never be President. Mike Pence, Ted Cruz, Pompeo and a list of others would beat the breaks off of Mitt in 2024. He will be a jealous loser for a long time to come.

This President on the other hand just keeps winning.

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