House Dems reject motion that would prevent illegals from voting in our elections

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Almost every House Democrat on Friday opposed a measure condemning voting in U.S. elections by illegal immigrants, as part of an election reform bill introduced by the GOP.

The measure would have added language to the “H.R. 1” election proposal stating that “allowing illegal immigrants the right to vote devalues the franchise and diminishes the voting power of United States citizens.”

Federal law already prohibits non-citizens from voting in elections for federal office. But the GOP motion referenced how San Francisco is allowing non-citizens, including illegal immigrants, to register to vote in school board elections.

The motion was voted down 228-197. All but six Democrats in the House voted against it. Just one Republican opposed it.


School board elections is pretty bad as it is, but surely the GOP has issue with illegals voting in all other elections, right?! California’s Motor Voter Laws register everyone that gets a license in California to vote, and yes, this includes illegals.

If you recall, The Democrats in California are trying to keep candidates off the ballots by insisting everyone running displays their tax returns for all to see. Yes, this includes the President of the United States. They want to keep Trump off the ballot!!!

These House Democrats care more about tax returns than they do about election integrity. Incredible. They don’t care they allow millions to vote in our elections. They’re all crooked.

Every American should be incensed and outraged at what they are doing. It is not fair to any of us. Part of the perk of being an American citizen is our right to vote. This is a freedom we have fought hard for, with blood, and California just gives that right to anyone with a driver’s license…

Election meddling at its finest.

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