Just Who Is John Dean?

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John Dean just another empty wagon making noise for the Democrats and liberal media. His talking points are fake just like theirs.

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Many have been asking just who exactly is John Dean the star witness at Tuesday’s House Judiciary Committee’s Hearing? The man Jerry Nadler seems to hold in such high regards. The man who Democrats on the Judiciary committee think will seal President Donald Trump’s fate (put the nail in his coffin) so that the House can sway public opinion for his impeachment.

Well, put the brakes on it. John Dean is no one special. He isn’t even credibile. In fact John Wesley Dean III (his birth name) is a convicted felon. He served as White House Counsel under the Nixon Administration. He also just so happened to be the chief architect for obstruction of justice. A crime that got him convicted during the Watergate cover-up scandal in the 70s.

John Dean Is A Flawed Man

John Dean’s crimes read before him for all to hear. Yet, Democrats and liberal media hold him in high regards.

John Dean Is A Peddler of Fake News

For the past four decades, Dean has been trying to rehabilitate himself in the public eye by creating a career attacking Republicans and describing them or their actions to be worse than Watergate. There is no wonder the Democrats billed Dean as a person of importance during Tuesday’s hearing.

John Dean peddling his false history revisions.

Democrats have a penchant for supporting the lawlessness and propping them up as subject matter experts. The Democrats aren’t alone. The liberal media uses convicted felons and liars as subject matter experts, as well (think Michael Cohen, Michael Avenatti and Al Sharpton).

John Dean is called out by GOP Representatives

At a closer look, it is interesting how Democrats and the liberal media are quiet as church mice, when it comes to laying out Dean’s criminal record. They are all silent on how Dean has made a living peddling lies. CNN says nothing about him being a paid contributor pushing their out of this world conspiracies. Most of all, it is mind boggling that Dean has no relationship with the current White House. The Watergate crimes he is talking about took place some 40 plus years ago. It has nothing to do with President Trump just like obstruction of justice has nothing to do with him.

In the end, it took GOP representatives to expose John Dean as the criminal he is. Democrats were perfectly find having him pontificate fake narratives during the Judiciary Hearing.

Rep. Doug Collins and other Representatives call out John Dean.
Jim Jordan calls out John Dean.
Rep. Matt Gaetz sums it all up. Its about impeachment.

Who is John Dean? He is a paid political prop for Democrats and liberal media. He also happens to be a convicted felon who wants the president impeached. In other words, he is a nobody.

President Donald Trump sums up John Dean’s performance today before the House Judiciary Committee.


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