While Michael Avenatti the creepy porn lawyer and one time liberal media talking head is out of the spotlight, his legacy lingers on thanks to Joe Biden. Biden recently quoted, or is it plagiarize, the creepy lawyer during a stump speech in Iowa.

The Video speaks for itself. Sleepy Joe doesn’t have one original idea. This same man wants to be president.

Of all people to plagiarize, one would think the former vice president of the United States, who is launching his third bid for the White House, would have chosen a more formidable person to plagiarize (not that plagiarizing is a good thing). Instead, Joe decided to reach down in the pit of filth to quote a person accused of stealing from his porn star client, has been Federally charged with wire fraud, perjury, defrauding a paraplegic client, and the list of other unsavory things goes on and on.

If Joe can’t be orginial with his own campaign stump speech, how the heck does he think he can be original with the presidency? Better yet how can we expect him to be able to lead the country? He can’t and he won’t. He doesn’t even think China is a threat economically to the United States.


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