Biden Is China’s Best Friend

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The liberal media is building up former Vice President and presidential contender Joe Biden’s speech today in Iowa. They claim Biden will “eviscerate” President Trump during his stomp speech.

Members of the so-called “news” team on CNN and MSNBC are almost giddy over Biden’s impending speech. Word is Biden will also call out China and its unfair trading practices with the United States.


This is such a joke. President Trump has been calling out China way before he entered the White House and became president. In fact Trump has threatened tariffs on China if they don’t get their acts together.

Biden’s position on China, well the video below says it all.

During a campaign stop Joe Biden tells a small crowd the China isn’t a threat.

As for Biden attacking President Trump, just another day of meaningless attacks. Trump is making America great again and Biden along with the other 20 plus Democrat contenders can’t do a thing about it.


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