Truth Hurts: Le Pen Tweets Pics of Isis Crimes 4 years ago, faces 3 years in Prison

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France National Rally President, Marine Le Pen, has been ordered to stand trial for Tweeting pictures of Isis members killing innocent people, and other horrible deeds. She Tweeted the pictures more than 3 years ago.

In December 2015, the French politician sent three tweets showing the decapitated body of American reporter James Foley, a man on fire in a cage and a victim being driven over by a tank. The images were captioned “This is Daesh,” another name for ISIS. 


A judge ruled the National Rally president must face a charge of circulating “violent messages that incite terrorism or pornography or seriously harm human dignity”.

She is also being charged with circulating the images that could be seen by children.

The world NEEDS TO SEE THESE IMAGES. Blind eyes, and circles of people holding hands, singing kumbaya is doing absolutely nothing to reveal the truth behind Sharia Law and Islam.

The EU NWO machine is already fast at work to try to get rid of the duly elected President of France, to keep on with their open border scheme, at the devastation of French identity.

In 2017, she was stripped of legal immunity by the European Parliament, and in February 2018 Le Pen was charged with circulating “violent messages that incite terrorism or pornography or seriously harm human dignity” that can be seen by a minor.


This only shows French citizens what the EU is, what the European Parliament is and that it’s all part of the system that wants to stop the French people’s candidate that I am. I am being charged for having condemned the horrors of Daesh” and that “in other countries this would have earned me a medal.

-Le Pen

Amazing how fast things can go South when there is no free speech, and you have enemies at the gate, all clamoring to take your place. The people of France have had enough. They voted in Le Pen for a reason: to see change. Sick of Open borders. Sick of French sovereignty being trampled on. Sick of policies that put the people of France in danger.

To say Tweeting images about horrible things Isis has done is “inciting terrorism” is a new low….NO. The terrorists have already DONE the terrorizing. Nothing new to see here. She was simply calling a spade a spade.

In fact, she tweeted the images to a French television journalist, @JJBourdin_RMC , who she accused of likening her party to Isis.

Le Pen’s party is NOTHING like ISIS….

Yes, even in France, the President is battling the FAKE NEWS. Only this time, she doesn’t have the power of Free Speech behind her. She is being threatened with prison time and fines of over 90K for simply showing people the truth.

Unspeakable atrocities are, in France, unspeakable….


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