Parkland survivor conservative Kyle Kashuv’s scholarship rescinded by school! Outrageous!

Prominent conservative and Parkland school shooting survivor Kyle Kashuv has had his full scholarship rescinded from Harvard at the last minute.

The school cited racist and anti semitic tweets from when Kashuv was just 16 years old posted in private conversations he had with friends on the messaging application Skype.

Basically someone leaked the equivalent of text messages when Kashuv was just 16 years old he was having in what he thought was a private conversation with friends.

Kashuv has responded on Twitter

There is no doubt the fact this young man is a prominent conservative is the only reason this crooked socialist institution is making this decision. Holding text messages on an app against a kid when he was only 16 years old is low.

Yet Harvard proudly accepts the likes of David Hogg, whose admittance was in question during the college pay for play scandal, since he never had very good grades. The same kid who said Trump supporters all need to die out in order for this country to be improve. Harvard is fine with that of course.

Ridiculous and now this poor kid has to start over. Hopefully another ivy league school will step up and make Harvard’s wrong a right and offer him a scholarship. He deserves it. He was valedictorian.


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