AOC: Holocaust Denier. Don Lemon Hitler Fan- What is going on with the Fake News Media??!

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You may have seen the video of AOC ranting about Trump, saying he has set up “concentration camps” at the border.

AOC also used the term “Never again” in her rant about the “camps.”

To use such a comparison is not only incorrect, it is also extremely insensitive. Let’s just ask a few questions here: (Don’t forget they’ve come into the US VOLUNTARILY AND ILLEGALLY!)

  • Are there death squads at the border? NO
  • Are there millions of pairs of shoes that no longer have owners because part of the “final solution” is to kill them all? NO
  • Is this a race or religious issue? NO
  • Are people being drug there from their own country? NO
  • Are they performing medical experiments on the inhabitants? NO
  • Are there crematoriums, gas chambers? NO

Now back to reality. THIS is a concentration camp:

THIS is a detention center in Texas:

Candace Owens visited a detention center in Texas. There’s a barber shop, a salon, volleyball, soccer, a cooking station, dominoes, arts and crafts time, and free 24 hour health care.

Children are NOT dying at our border. They are NOT dying in our care, due to mistreatment or starvation. They are dying because they have irresponsible parents who drug them halfway across the world, and they were deathly ill when they got here.

To compare US detention centers to concentration camps is a slap in the face to all Jewish people. AOC and the Democrats backing her up should be ashamed of themselves. My only thought on this is that AOC is in denial about what really happens at concentration camps. In denial about what HAS happened. Millions of people dead. Those lives are lost forever.

The few sick people that come to our border and subsequently die, do not a concentration camp make. I highly doubt Jews were allowed to play scrabble and get a perm during their stays with the Nazis. I’m 100% sure they were subjected to abuses the mind cannot imagine. She is in denial.

I am pleased to see the Polish Parliament offer up an invitation to AOC to visit some real concentration camps. Her attitude is sickening, and her denial is real.

Let’s move on to Don Lemon.. recently he had an entire piece on his news segment likening Trump to Hitler.

DON LEMON, CNN HOST: But think about the despicable people we’ve had in history. OK? Now I’m going to use an extreme example. Think about Hitler. Think about any of those people. Would you say that that person is allowed — or let’s put it this way? 

If you could look back on in history would you say well, I’m so glad that that person was allowed a platform so that they could spread their hate and propaganda and lies? Or would say it probably wasn’t the right thing to do to spread that because you knew in the moment that that was a bad person. And they were doing bad things. Not only were they hurting people. They were killing people. And so, I just think that —

CUOMO: Well, I think that the example matters. And that’s a very extreme example, rhetoric that you don’t like. 

LEMON: But laws rhetoric and laws —

CUOMO: Could it be a slippery slope towards violence?

LEMON: — and policy are detrimental to people. 

CUOMO: Maybe or maybe not.

LEMON: And it also — and it also — listen, for people like me, how this president feels about the Central Park Five that can be a life or death issue for people like me. That can be especially a life or death issue for those people who spent decades, a decade, some of them, or more in prison. They didn’t have a life. 

He took a big part of their life away. People like him who believed it and who wanted it to be true took a part of their lives away. 

[22:04:57] And people — and for — you know, demonizing immigrants and talking about shit hole countries and saying that there are very fine people on both sides. For people of color in this country it is a life or death issue. 

Ask Mrs. Heyer, Heather Heyer’s mother who I had on. That is a life or death issue. So, you know, I’m just saying we just need to be careful about having this is a standard rule. This is not standard. This is not normal.


CUOMO: I don’t think that it’s standard.

LEMON: This is something that (Inaudible). 

CUOMO: I don’t think that it’s normal because he is different than what we’ve seen. However, we talk about this and it’s good that we do, comparing anything to an extreme like a Hitler. It weakens the argument. 

LEMON: Well, I think it gives you a good example. 

CUOMO: Because you are now taking a guy who says things you don’t like and comparing him to a genocide maniac. 

LEMON: No, no. I’m not comparing him to that. I’m not comparing him to that. I’m comparing the way you would cover someone who is —


CUOMO: I know. 

LEMON: — a bad person who does that. 

CUOMO: But I’m saying it’s creating a false standard. The guys who says things I don’t like. That’s abusive of the truth. It can obnoxious for effect and pander to a group of people in this country is not necessarily a away from a genocidal maniac. 


LEMON: It starts with little lies. It starts with little lies that become bigger lies. And it starts with people who become brainwashed. Ask anybody — ask anyone who had a family member who went to Guyana. Start with a little thing. People start to buy into it. Then all of a sudden, you become, it becomes a reality to you. 

Good people follow bad people. It doesn’t mean that they’re a bad person. It just means they were used. And that they were in some ways co-opted. Doesn’t mean they’re bad people. But it starts with very little things. It takes some little, some truth and then falsity. And you keep capitalizing on it. So.

CUOMO: Right. That’s how cons work. But I’m just saying, a con, something that isn’t true versus a cult versus a genocidal maniac. I just think you should go one step at a time. 

LEMON: Yes. Well, just saying. Be careful. 

CUOMO: Absolutely. That’s why we do the job. 

LEMON: Be careful. Yes. Be careful. Thank you. I’ll see you next time.


Likening a sitting president to Hitler is tantamount to treason. Lemon is saying this to get ratings, and to sway voters. My only thought here is he must be a fan of Hitler, in order to use the history he represents to try to delegitimize a true American.

Here’s some information for you Lemon: Hitler had a problem with Jewish people. He had a problem with anyone who wasn’t white or Christian. The people in detention centers don’t represent a specific race or religion. They are lawbreakers. End of story.

Trump wants to protect Americans from an invasion. That’s what this is. Anyone calling it anything different is lying. 1,000,000 illegals are expected to arrive through the Southern border this year alone. 1 MILLION. That’s the entire state of Rhode Island population-wise.

Democrats’ new strategy for 2020: Call everyone, including Trump, his followers, and those you don’t agree with Hitler. They were already calling us Nazis, so not much has changed there, has it.

Shame on AOC, shame on Lemon and all the other Liberals who continually lessen what it means to be a Nazi. History remembers, but they are indeed continually trying to erase nasty things from history. Tear down the statues, appropriate the words, but we still remember.


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