Angry Climate Change activist lay down in front of New York Times. 66 Arrested

Many liberals think climate change is the number one issue in America today. Well they showed how passionate and misguided they are on the issue yesterday by staging a protest which seen 66 people get arrested.

The NYPD on Sunday amended the number of those arrested at protest from 70 arrests to 66, an NYPD spokesman said.

All 66 have been charged with disorderly conduct, the NYPD said.The protesters were affiliated with a group called Extinction Rebellion, which describes itself on its website as an “international movement” aimed at combating climate change through nonviolent protest and minimizing the “risk of human extinction and ecological collapse.”

One of the leaders of the group told CNN

The New York Times can take the lead reporting on the climate emergency,” Mosher told CNN, saying the newspaper does “good reporting” but it’s “not treating it in the manner they should be.”

They should be treating it like World War II,” Mosher said, “where there were headlines every day.”

Like World War 2? Are millions of people dying every year because of man made global warming? Of course not but the liberals remain delusional


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