Liberal Tweets about killing President Trump. Over 6,000 comments, Twitter still refuses to take it down

Any conservative who has spent any time on Twitter knows how biased it is. Liberals can say and do pretty much anything while conservatives are suspended for minuscule violations

3 days ago a deranged lunatic tweeted

3 days into the tweet, over 6,000 comments and Twitter still has not taken down the tweet or suspended her.

The double standard lately has never been so apparent. Just a couple of weeks ago Cher tweeted about wanting to see President Trump raped in Prison and no actions by Twitter were taken.

Now this horrific tweet

“I fucking hate 45 so much and his whole admin. so they just not killin presidents no more. ? Smh #ProtectEachOther”

When will the social media companies be forced to play on a level playing field?


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